On 1st March I guided regular client Greg Jeffreys on the River Itchen near to Winchester.  He is a very good caster and within five minutes of starting to fish he landed a really good sized Grayling of around 1lb 12oz on an Orange spot shrimp fly.  In the next hour he caught just one half pound Grayling before landing another biggie – this time probably 2lbs.  A few more smaller fish were landed and lost by lunchtime.  We retired to a lovely local pub for a bite to eat but when we got back to the river the weather was colder and the fish proved elusive for most of the afternoon despite trying lots of different flies in many different locations.  In the morning the air temperature was relatively mild and there was a trickle of duns hatching.  Usually when there is a hatch the fish feed better than when there is not.  However on some days when it is very cold and no flies are hatching the fish take shrimp and nymph patterns with great enthusiasm.  Every day is different…one of the big attactions of fishing and for me guiding.

Greg said he had very much enjoyed his day…and I did too.  I just wished he’d caught more in the afternoon.