With no water for a month now fly fishing on the rivers in the Yorkshire Dales, http://www.goflyfishinguk.com/fly-fishing-locations/yorkshire-dales/index.php, has been difficult with a lack of flow and very clear water, the strong and cool easterly wind this last week or so has not helped.Despite this there have been some excellent hatches of Large Dark Olives and of course Grannom where present and this last couple of weeks have seen lot’s of Aphids on the water, good hatches of Hawthorn’s and this last few days increasing numbers of Black Gnat. Had some good days on the River Nidd and River Ure recently despite fish being reluctant to rise to the natural insects which on some days have been present in very large numbers. With no rain forecast for at least the next 8/10 days fishing will continue to be challenging, find flow if you can and target any fish you do see moving, my own Hawthorn pattern has taken a good few fish this last week. Look out for violent slashing rises normally a good indication that a fish has taken a large terrestrial off the top.

The stillwater fishing has been good although the rainbows have gone off to a degree this last week with the bright and windy weather, as they say “bright and breezy, never easy”, how true! Browns have been responding better and clients have had some excellent days recently taking fish on small dries and black buzzers.

A good deal of rain to lift the rivers and a change from the easterly air flow to a westerly of south westerly direction should really see the fishing hotting up.