A few years ago I ‘invented’ my own version of a weighted pink Grayling bug.  It was very successful but for some reason I’d stopped using it…so many other great fly patterns in my fly boxes to choose from!

But this last week I brought it back into use with great effect.  I was guiding on the River Test on Friday and Saturday.  My fly boxes contain about a hundred different patterns of Grayling flies but my pink bug caught my eye late on Friday morning and I decided to give it a whirl.  Usually I’m changing flies for my client because he’s not catching enough fish.  This sometimes means that they are just not feeding very well but sometimes its because we don’t have the right fly on.  On this occasion my client Gary was fishing effectively and I could see from the occasional rises that the fish were quite active but we just were not getting enough takes.  So on went my pink bug and immediately we were into fish.

    Its tied with touching turns of copper wire around the hook shank to build up a little weight (with different tyings containing different amounts of wire to give differently weighted versions of the fly) and glo-brite flourescent pink thread, with the copper wire brought back out and round to finnish the appearance of the fly.  I have found that a pink only versions of the fly, ie. without the external copper wire, does not catch as many fish.

Anyway Gary went on to catch 21 fish – about half and half Grayling and Trout.  The next day I was guiding two people on a different beat of the Test and again my bug scored really well.  In the morning Iain, who claimed that he didn’t usually catch much, only used the one fly pattern and caugth a dozen fish in the morning, mostly Grayling.

I believe the three critical factors in the design are the flourescent pink thread, the weighted nature of the fly and the external copper coloured copper wire.  I use either a size 14 or size 12 hook with the former being the most consistent fish catcher but the latter being needed in deeper faster flowing water. 

Give it a whirl.