I’ve just returned from a superb holiday fly fishing in Montana and Yellowstone National Park and for those of you thinking that you might go there one day the following snippets might be of some use to you.  I’d be very happy to give you detailed advice and information if you drop me an email or give me a call.

Air miles enabled my wife and me to travel to Montana at a very low cost.  There are expensive fly fishing lodges in Montana but we were very happy based in our B&B in Missoula.  We were partly following in the footsteps of Norman Maclean who wrote ‘A River Run’s Through It’ and lived in Missoula in the 1920’s and 30’s.  He and his father and brother (played in the film by Brad Pitt) mainly fished on the Blackfoot River.  My first day fishing was a guided float trip that took us 8 miles down the Blackfoot and saw us landing well over 30 fish.  It is a very scenic, exciting river containing many kinds of Trout – Cutthroats, Rainbows, Cutbows, Brown and Bull (actually a type of Char).  The fish we caught were mainly Cutthroats, Rainbows and Cutbows but we did get a few Browns and Mountain Whitefish.  My best fish was a Cutthroat of about 18”.  Often we fished two flies, either a big dry with a smaller dry on a New Zealand style dropper or a dry fly and a nymph (Goldhead Montana Prince) fished similarly.  It was the smaller dries which provided the best sport – a size 12 Yellow Humpy was the most successful.

While based in Missoula I had other great fishing on the Bitterroot River, Rock Creek and back on the Blackfoot.  On Rock Creek I landed my first ever Brook Trout – a vividly coloured distinctive fish of about 9”.  Small (most Brookies are) but I was very happy with it.

We drove from Missoula to Canyon in Yellowstone.  Here I fished the Lamar River, Soda Butte Creek, Gibbon River and Yellowstone River.  I caught good sized Cutthroats from the Lamar and the Yellowstone.  Big Hopper flies worked well but when there were flies on the water a ‘match the hatch’ approach worked with small dry flies.   On many occasions herds of Bison were close by, sometimes wading the river. The wildlife and the scenery were spectacular.  I can thoroughly recommend it as a holiday destination for keen fly fishers and their fishing or non-fishing wives.  My wife fishes but she is nowhere near as keen as me.  She said that the Blackfoot River float trip was one of the biggest highlights of her holiday.

Anyway if I can be of assistance with advice or information please do get in contact with me.