What a season for high water, until recently all the Yorkshire Dales rivers have been high and since May weekly and often twice weekly floods made fishing challenging and sometimes impossible.The Dales rivers are finally running low and clear and it’s interesting to see how things have changed after months of high water and some monster floods. A huge amount of gravel has been moved changing many pools beyond all recognition, certainly not a major problem to the fish, they will have experienced much worse over the millennia but possibly more of a medium term problem to fly life both aquatic and terrestrial. We fly fishers will also to some degree have to familiarize ourselves with the changes, good places and some pools will have been destroyed but others created, all part of our ever changing Yorkshire rivers and always an interesting re-learning process.

Below are two shots of the River Wharfe in high and low condition.

River Wharfe above Grassington 21.8.12

River Wharfe Burnsall 25.9.12