That old adage holds true, 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish which has always been one of the favourite sayings of my long time friend and indeed mentor Oliver Edwards and it’s perfectly true.

Just study the catch returns of many fly fishing clubs and you will see that this is the case, okay some people have more time to fish etc. but overall those who can fly fish will always catch many more fish than those that can’t.  It often amazes me just how many fly fishers have honed to a fine art their ability to avoid catching fish!

Recently at a club meeting regarding the River Wharfe one chap commented on how difficult fishing on the River Wharfe at Burnsall was, out of courtesy I didn’t say anything but if you can’t catch reasonable numbers of fish there especially in reasonable conditions then there is no hope. Fine, there are difficult days and conditions and indeed the best fly fisher in the world can’t catch fish if they aren’t feeding but the river at Burnsall is well stocked and in addition holds a good number of wild fish, I was astonished.  That said it’s a different matter on the upper River Wharfe above Kettlewell and between there and Yockenthwaite if you can catch fish there regularily and especially in low water then without a doubt you have joined the 10% club.

I see it time and again, anglers often with many years experience struggling with the very basics, fishing in the wrong places with the wrong methods and with the wrong techniques, it’s really is not rocket science but just a question of understanding where trout are and what they want.

Basically most of the shortcuts to success can be taught in a day or two of good guiding/instruction and what you will learn will stand you in good stead anywhere you fish for trout and grayling, their requirements are the same the word over although the may be feeding on slightly different food items.

So in a within a very short time if you want to join the 10% club give me a call and book a guided day or two in the Yorkshire Dales, you will find I do it slightly differently and I believe much better than most other fly fishing guides.