After a prolonged and slow start to the season things are finally starting to happen. Last Saturday on the River Nidd a few fish started to rise confidently to Olives early afternoon and this is the first time this season I have seen fish confidently taking Duns. This last Friday on the River Wharfe at Burnsall when we arrived fish were on the move, again to Olives, but a sudden increase in the wind and subsequent drop in temperature killed things,  fortunately not before we had deceived a few, but we struggled for a couple of fish in the afternoon. The cold wind and low air and water temperatures still mean that fish activity is sporadic, the water temperature on Friday was a fraction above 10 degrees, still very cold for this time of year. We need warmer weather and to get rid of the cold strong wind before the fish get going properly.

The still water fishing has been rather better with Rainbow trout responding well despite the conditions but they have still been very much on and off, yesterday a client had a fin perfect Blue Trout of just under 4 lbs. plus several other good fish.

The best is yet to come but when we do get a change in conditions my prediction is that things will really “kick off”.