One other feature of this season apart from the lousy weather has been the excellent hatches of fly both on the River Wharfe and many other Yorkshire Dales rivers, I saw my first good hatch of Large Dark Olives during a river walk in mid March at Burnsall and great hatches of LDO’s continued from the start of the season and throughout April.

More recently there have been huge hatches of  Olive Uprights and Large Brook Duns and frankly in all my years of fly fishing I have never seen as many as I have this season. There have also been good numbers of Medium Olives and my colleague Dave Martin witnessed a massive hatch of Iron Blue Duns on the 18th May on the Wharfe at Ilkley, a rare event these days in my experience, it’s a good number of years since I have seen a large hatch of Iron Blue’s but that does tend to be the nature of the beast.


I have seen very few Grannom this year perhaps for two reasons, firstly Grannom tend not to be present in numbers in most places I fish regularly  and secondly I know from others that they were late so I may well not have been in the right place at the right time. So far I have only seen one Yellow May, (on the River Ure last Friday) and so far I have not seen a single Hawthorn Fly, I suspect these are late too, let’s hope so. There was a good fall of Black Gnat last Tuesday at Burnsall and the fish were on them, great to see as there were hardly any last May. I saw my first Mayfly of the season on the River Wenning last Thursday and my first Blue Winged Olive on the River Ure last Friday.




Fishing is still mixed on the Yorkshire Dales rivers simply because of the cold weather but on the better days fish have responded well, last Tuesday fishing the River Wharfe at Burnsall the two rods I was with had 28 fish between them and the best fish so far this season ,caught by a client a week last Friday, went 4lb 9oz, a true monster so it’s not all gloom and doom by any means and things will get much better once we get a period of warmer more settled weather.


Still waters have been very good and beginners have had excellent bags of fish including rainbows to 6lb 4oz and blue trout to over 4lbs.