Our excellent chalkstream guide Steve Skuce reports (on 28th May):  What a contrast between this year and last.  Last year we had rising fish throughout May and the bounty of the Mayfly (Green Drake) hatch appearing on time, as if by clockwork.  The fishing was excellent at the back end of May and into June.

For example, despite horizontal driving rain and freezing cold weather towards the end of May last year a client on the River Wylye caught 12 wild browns and missed/lost a many more.

This year, as with other things in nature, things seem to have been a bit slower in starting.  The River Avon and River Test tend to have their Mayfly hatch earlier than on the River Wylye and, I am pleased to say, things have finally started to happen.Nice River Test Brown Trout

I saw my first Mayfly hatching from the lake next to the River Test on Sunday 19th May.

On the 25th there were no Mayfly in evidence on the River Wylye, yet the following day my clients had great sport on Mayfly on the River Avon.    Similarly just yesterday, 27th May, there was a good Mayfly hatch about 5pm on the River Test with some good fish moving to both emergers and duns.

The hatch may be just a few days later this year but, weather permitting, the signs are there for another great Mayfly time on the chalkstreams.