Last Wednesday on the River Wharfe at Burnsall wasn’t the easiest day for repeat guided client Dave Farrer due to a very strong and cool downstream wind which until early afternoon was probably close on gale force.

Due to the conditions he was restricted to fishing downstream with a couple of spiders (Hares Lug and Plover and Waterhen Bloa) and a Hares Ear ECH Bead Head on the point.  The problem with this approach is that you hook far fewer takes than you would fishing upstream or indeed “Stewart” style fishing slightly upstream and across, the strength of the wind also made line control difficult so fishing the “escalator” properly was nigh on impossible.  Those fish he did hook in the morning also came off which is also often the case.

In the afternoon the wind moderated slightly but conditions were still less than ideal, however he did land a couple of fish one of which was a super wild fish of 2lb 2oz which was his personal best river trout and enough to make his day.  Dave probably had 15 or more chances throughout the day and pinged off on a couple due to tightening slightly enthusiastically, but overall he fished very well and made the best of the difficult conditions. There was a trickle of Large Dark Olives in the afternoon but they remained unmolested.

That’s early spring trouting for you, small windows of opportunity and often battling against conditions, another couple of weeks should make all the difference.


Wild "Wharfer" 2lb 2oz

Wild “Wharfer” 2lb 2oz