I love my fishing trips to Scotland.  Often I fish for Brown Trout and sometimes for Salmon, Sea Trout or Grayling.  This trip was mainly about Pike.  In recent years I’ve come to really enjoy the excitement of fly fishing for Pike and have found that in milder conditions it is often the very best way to catch them.  My favourite Pike fly fishing water is Loch Lomond.  It holds a big head of Pike running to over 30lbs and they are awesome fighters….pound for pound easily matching the strength and stamina of any Salmon or Brown Trout.  There is lots of shallow easy to wade water, plenty of weed beds to fish around, fishing Ospreys for company and fantastic scenery.

Dahlberg Diver

My recent visit saw us getting excellent sport from all sizes of fish from very small ones up to low double figure fish.  We saw a 20lb fish landed and my biggest from the loch in the past was 28lbs.  The picture below taken on 28th May this year shows two Pike that myself and my wife were playing at the same time right next to each other.  Both fought very hard.  My tackle was a 9′ 10-weight Tarpon rod (using a floating Striped Bass line and a red/white Dahlberg Diver fly, picture above)…and I doubt if most Tarpon (of a similar size) pull as hard and as long as these fish did! Loch Lomond Pike