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Ginger Tom scores again with River Test Grayling

Grayling underwater

On the afternoon of 17th February I fished the upper River Test for Grayling with my fellow Go Fly Fishing UK guides Steve Skuce, Mick Siggery, Stephen Wright and Steve Harrison.  Although I have guided on the River Test about 450 times and fished it for 20 years I am always up for learning about new ‘killer’ flies.  Click here to read more

What you can get out of a Grayling day


Our chalkstreams guide Colin Alexander reports:

‘I have guided Jeremy and his son, Nick, up until now for four separate days and always on the Test in the trout season. Back in the summer I suggested they have a grayling day and maybe try the River Itchen. Jeremy took up the offer and as Nick wasn’t available came on his own this time. Click here to read more

Recent father & son days


Our excellent guide Colin Alexander reports:

‘One minute I am guiding in the heat of an Indian Summer on the River Test, River Kennet and the River Avon and it seems from nowhere I am now grayling fishing on the River Test. Click here to read more

Superb Grayling sport on the chalkstreams


In my opinion the two very best times to be fishing the River Test and the River Itchen are the spring and the autumn.  If I had to pick one single month that provides both top quality sport – dry fly and nymph – and low prices, it would be November – a peak Grayling month.  Usually there are excellent fly hatches and dry fly sport at least until the end of November and often right through to Christmas.  Our chalkstreams guide Mick Siggery has written a short report of a recent session guiding a client on the River Itchen upstream of Winchester. Click here to read more

A Red Letter day on the River Test

Our excellent fly fishing instructor/guide Stephen Wright reports:

Recently I guided a client on the River Test near Andover. The client Ray described himself as a sporadic still water fisher but never having cast a fly on a river.  We arrived at our beat with the river looking spectacular, everything one would expect of this most prized of Chalk Streams.  Click here to read more

Stealth & Presentation

Our excellent chalk streams guide Colin Alexander reports:

Recently I guided a valued repeat client, Gordon, on the River Itchen below Winchester. The river was fresh from a weed-cut and had the wonderful clarity expected of a chalk stream. The fish were evident in a few key runs but with very little hatching early in the day they were not giving their position away lightly. Click here to read more

River Test & River Itchen update


The River Test and River Itchen are currently flowing very strong and healthily….how they should flow (before over-abstraction for water supply).  Although it was February when the winter floods peaked in Romsey (River Test) and Winchester (River Itchen) it is taking months for the flow rates to subside fully back to normal. Click here to read more

Prospects on the Chalkstreams

Shadow Mayfly

Half the fun of fly fishing is holding onto memories of the previous season and expectation of the season to come. Not all seasons replicate each other and I guess if they did it would remove the uncertainty from our ‘fishing world ‘. One might think that this season is likely to be strongly influenced by the winter flooding and no doubt it will, but maybe nature has a way of balancing itself. Click here to read more

Planning your Mayfly days


To some fly fishers the annual Mayfly (Ephemera Danica / Green  Drake) hatch is the pinnacle of their year’s Trout fishing.  It is very exciting with big splashy rises all over the river.  I have been lucky to fish and to guide hundreds of Mayfly days on the famous chalk stream rivers of Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire, especially the Test, Itchen, Kennet and Wylye and the limestone River Coln in the Cotswolds.  In this short blog I just want to give you a few tips and pointers to help you to plan your Mayfly days and to have the greatest enjoyment and success. Click here to read more

Winter Grayling


This last few weeks have brought some ideal conditions for Grayling fly fishing.  Many days have been mild and even up here in Yorkshire Grayling have been rising to an assortment of insects well into December.  I have long been a fan of the ‘Klink & Dink’ /Duo / New Zealand style of fishing a small lightly weighted nymph under a dry fly.  It is an excellent way of catching Trout and Grayling in many rivers.  Click here to read more

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