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Have Grayling become the new Trout?


I have been reading the monthly fly fishing magazines for decades and I do sense an increasing appreciation for the sporting qualities of the Grayling as a fly fisher’s fish. As a Yorkshireman I have always had a love of them but once I moved to the south of England (1994) I could see that they were, at that time, much less appreciated than Trout. Click here to read more

Coarse anglers love the dry fly

River Test Grayling

Our excellent Chalkstreams guide Colin Alexander comments:

‘My latest bookings for Grayling days on the River Test have just happened to be anglers who in the main coarse fish but who have become fascinated by fly fishing and the simplicity and mobility of the method.  Who could blame them?

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The autumn Grayling are obliging


Our excellent fly fishing guide Stephen Wright reports on two recent consecutive days fishing on the River Itchen and River Test, where the quarry was the “lady of the stream” that most beautiful of fish  – the Grayling. Click here to read more

Grayling rewards for end of season anglers


Our excellent chalkstreams fly fishing guide Colin Alexander reports on some of his end of season days on the River Test.

‘As March 15th approaches, when the rivers are closed until the trout season opens in April, there is always a sense of urgency to guide just one more client to try for a beautiful grayling or two. After a mild but wet winter we have had some excellent fishing throughout, but no two days on the river are the same, and it is always nice when one or two of the larger fish show up. Click here to read more

A Grayling paradise in Alaska

2lb 14oz Arctic Grayling

I’ve always had a passion for Grayling and for dry fly fishing. I have been catching Grayling in the UK for 44 years and in Alaska since 1999. I have just returned back from experiencing the best Grayling fishing that I have ever had.

The Lake Clark area of Alaska, just 100 miles south west of its largest city Anchorage, is a very scenic truly wilderness location. Click here to read more

Ginger Tom scores again with River Test Grayling

Grayling underwater

On the afternoon of 17th February I fished the upper River Test for Grayling with my fellow Go Fly Fishing UK guides Steve Skuce, Mick Siggery, Stephen Wright and Steve Harrison.  Although I have guided on the River Test about 450 times and fished it for 20 years I am always up for learning about new ‘killer’ flies.  Click here to read more

What you can get out of a Grayling day


Our chalkstreams guide Colin Alexander reports:

‘I have guided Jeremy and his son, Nick, up until now for four separate days and always on the Test in the trout season. Back in the summer I suggested they have a grayling day and maybe try the River Itchen. Jeremy took up the offer and as Nick wasn’t available came on his own this time. Click here to read more

Superb Grayling sport on the chalkstreams


In my opinion the two very best times to be fishing the River Test and the River Itchen are the spring and the autumn.  If I had to pick one single month that provides both top quality sport – dry fly and nymph – and low prices, it would be November – a peak Grayling month.  Usually there are excellent fly hatches and dry fly sport at least until the end of November and often right through to Christmas.  Our chalkstreams guide Mick Siggery has written a short report of a recent session guiding a client on the River Itchen upstream of Winchester. Click here to read more

Fishing With Mike Harding


At the Settle Anglers’ Association annual dinner Chairman Mike Harding asked me if I would take him on the River Ribble for a few hours to get him up to speed with long trotting techniques for grayling. Click here to read more

The Grayling Research Trust

More than 2lbs of Yorkshire Grayling

The Grayling Research Trust is a sister organisation of the Grayling Society and funds or part funds important research projects solely in regard to Grayling.  Steve Rhodes Go Fly Fishing UK co-proprietor has been a Trustee of the Grayling Research trust from its very early days nearly 20 years ago. Click here to read more

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