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Long Trotting For Grayling in the Yorkshire Dales


Long Trotting for grayling is very much a traditional method of fishing for grayling during the winter months in the Yorkshire Dales, not only is it a skilful and pleasant way of fishing it’s also very effective.  Historically many of the angling clubs in the Yorkshire Dales permit long trotting for grayling, (usually with worm), after the brown trout season has finished and it’s a great way to extend your fishing season. Click here to read more

Paying homage to Grayling

Yorkshire Grayling

2nd November was the 40th anniversary of my first ever Grayling fishing session.  This was on the River Wharfe at Ilkley in 1972.  So on 2nd November 2012 I went to the exact same spot on the River Wharfe to re-create the event on its 40th anniversary.   Click here to read more

Superb dry fly sport on the River Test

I have personally carried out over 900 guiding days on the chalkstream rivers and this last week I saw some of the best dry fly sport I have ever seen on them.  I guided five consecutive days from Monday 15th to Friday 19th October, Click here to read more

Top notch autumn dry fly sport

With the onset of the cooler autumnal weather fly hatches on the River Test have really picked up recently.  The upper River Test is currently looking superb – better than I’ve seen it for a couple of years.  Click here to read more

Top Grayling fishing has started

It’s not long before our thoughts turn fully to Grayling.  August has already brought some spectacular Grayling catches to my clients with fish to over 2lbs from the upper River Itchen and to nearly 2lbs from the upper River Test.  Click here to read more

Chalkstream Grayling season ends with a bang

The last month of the season produced mostly very good Grayling sport (with the exception of 9th March mentioned in my last Blog post).  I ended the season with a day (Monday 12th) guiding two fishers on the River Itchen near to Winchester and a day (Wednesday 14th) guiding one on the upper River Test.  What was striking about these two days was the size of some of the Grayling caught.  Click here to read more

My 400th River Test guiding day

On 9th March I did my 400th professional day of fly fishing on the River Test.  I am very lucky to be able to work so often on this great river.  It usually doesn’t seem like work! Click here to read more

Top February River Test Grayling fly

Atomic Worm

During the second half of February I guided clients Grayling fly fishing on the River Test on six days.  Mostly the fishing was good with my clients catching from 5 to 21 fish, averaging about 10.  What surprised me was the killer fly – a Fulling Mill pattern called the Atomic Worm. Click here to read more

River Test low but fishing well

Yesterday I was guiding on the River Test.  The weather conditions were ideal – mild, dull, dry and calm and the fish were biting.  My fisher Stuart is new to fly fishing.  He had only previously caught Rainbow Trout at stocked lake locations.  Click here to read more

Brilliant River Wylye Grayling day


Yesterday I had a superb day of fishing with a friend down 0n the lovely River Wylye.  It is a very good much underrated river with great fly hatches and a big stock of wild Brown Trout and Grayling. Click here to read more

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