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Great Trout sport in difficult conditions

Shadow Mayfly

Our excellent fly fishing instructor Mick Siggery reports on a recent day at the Frensham Trout lakes fishery. The fisher Gary had been given the day as a birthday gift via one of our fly fishing gift vouchers. Click here to read more

Variety is the spice of fly fishing

Wye Rainbow

Well it is to me anyway. But variety is so easily achieved in so many ways. Different species, different types of waters in different parts of the UK and the world, different techniques, different seasons and weather conditions and different water conditions and fly hatches, just to mention some. Click here to read more

Superb Derbyshire Wye

Wye Rainbow

The Derbyshire Peak District is a very beautiful scenic part of England and the River Wye is one of my very favourite Trout fly fishing rivers.  I have just returned from a family holiday week in Derbyshire (based near to Bakewell) and I had two superb mid-afternoon to mid-evening sessions on the Haddon Estate day permit beats of the river.  The rules here are dry fly only, catch & release and no wading.  Click here to read more

First Salmon of the season from the Usk

Salmon form Usk 16th April 2015

Our excellent chalkstreams guide Steve Skuce reports on a memorable catch: Thursday 16th April dawned with the promise of nice weather, a bit too sunny if anything. However, during the longish drive to Wales it clouded over just a little. We had carried out a final check on river height before we left Wiltshire and it seemed just right. Click here to read more

Busman’s holiday in Scotland

Big Pike

I love my fishing trips to Scotland.  Often I fish for Brown Trout and sometimes for Salmon, Sea Trout or Grayling.  This trip was mainly about Pike.  In recent years I’ve come to really enjoy the excitement of fly fishing for Pike and have found that in milder conditions it is often the very best way to catch them.  Click here to read more

Rutland Water over Easter

Although I’m mainly a river fly fisher I do like to try for stillwater Trout from time to time.  A family holiday over Easter took me to Rutland and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without fishing Rutland Water.  I was so impressed with it on my first session (on Easter Saturday) that I decided to go again yesterday (Tuesday). Click here to read more

Variety is the spice of … fly fishing

Yellowstone River Cutthroat Trout

Well to me it is anyway.

Much as I love my local Brown Trout and Grayling fly fishing here in Yorkshire I do like a change and some variety.  I am very lucky to have caught many species of fish over the years in many parts of the UK and the world.  Click here to read more

A Grand Slam in Mexico

Our excellent Cotswolds fly fishing guide and instructor Andy Grey reports on an amazing few days (15th-18th October) on the Boca Paila peninsula of the Mexico Caribbean trying for some fish species he had never caught before.  Here are a few of his highlights in his own words.  It makes me want to get on the next plane to try to do it for myself!   Click here to read more

Bigger fish to fill your dish?

Atomic Worm

Our guide/instructor Colin Alexander reports:

‘Some anglers just love to catch larger trout and so it proved when I had a call from a very keen novice angler called Carlos, who had made a previous visit alone to a big fish water with no success.  Whilst fish can be seen in the clear water cruising some of these fisheries and laying in the margins quietly feeding at will, they are rarely easy to catch. ( Please note I said ‘rarely’…not ‘really’). Click here to read more

Early-spring at Frensham Trout Fishery

Our fly fishing instructor Mick Siggery reports that this day, 7th April, at Frensham was one of the few days with warm weather and sunshine so far this spring. The occasional trout were rising but all his clients’ – Leshem and Penny – fish came to a wet fly fished slow and deep. Click here to read more

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