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Of Sheep, Twitchers and Fly Fishers


Instant results, shortcuts and no effort required are what seemingly the majority of people desire these days no matter what they do.


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Fly Fishing in the Old Country by Andrew Cox


During May, 2012, I was on a pleasure trip to the United Kingdom. My plan was to visit with some of my relatives and locales within this country that I had not previously visited. I also desired to pursue some fly fishing opportunities as I had never flyfished in the United Kingdom. Click here to read more

Of Stupidity, The Surface Film and a Christening by Chris McCully


Steve Rhodes has a great deal to answer for. On one of our October grayling expeditions in 2010, for example, he turned up on the River Nidd with a Hardy Uniqua reel loaded
with a 4-weight double-tapered silk line. Click here to read more

Down The Old Silk Road


Nearly forty five years ago my first decent fly line was a Kingfisher number 3, silk of course nothing else available then except very early plastic lines that were if I remember correctly frankly not much cop, the number 3 was quickly followed by a Kingfisher number 2 for the rivers, for the uneducated a number 3 was roughly equivalent to an #6 and the number two an # 5.

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Tenkara Fishing in the Yorkshire Dales


Over the winter I got myself fixed up with a couple of “Tenkara” rods. Tenkara fishing is the traditional Japanese way of fly fishing and has become increasingly popular in the USA and is now catching on over here.

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Salmon on the Tyne


I was lucky enough to be invited for a couple of days salmon fishing on the River Tyne on the 1st & 2nd March by regular Go Fly Fishing UK client and friend Marcus Beale.

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Looking forward to the Trout season

Its only a week since the Grayling season ended and its now just two weeks before my first day of the river Trout season.  I’m looking forward to a social day fly fishing a great beat of the lower River Test with three of my Go Fly Fishing UK guide colleagues on 4th April.  Click here to read more

Chalkstream Grayling season ends with a bang

The last month of the season produced mostly very good Grayling sport (with the exception of 9th March mentioned in my last Blog post).  I ended the season with a day (Monday 12th) guiding two fishers on the River Itchen near to Winchester and a day (Wednesday 14th) guiding one on the upper River Test.  What was striking about these two days was the size of some of the Grayling caught.  Click here to read more

My 400th River Test guiding day

On 9th March I did my 400th professional day of fly fishing on the River Test.  I am very lucky to be able to work so often on this great river.  It usually doesn’t seem like work! Click here to read more

Fishing for Life Cook Book

Please buy the Fishing For Life Cook Book from their website at  Its only £9.99 and the funds go to the South West Fishing for Life charity.  The charity helps breast cancer sufferers with recovery.  Click here to read more

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