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The Fish Are In The Water

One From The Wharfe

You see it all the time on both still waters and rivers, fly fishers doing five, six or more false casts before getting their flies into the water.  Still water fly fishers are especially guilty, busting a gut trying to cast as far as they can, it’s both hard work and frankly on most days no more effective than casting a comfortable 15yards or so. Click here to read more

“Blind” Induced Take

Second Day Before the Thunder.

The “induced take” is a classic method employed when “sight fishing” especially on chalk streams or limestone streams, (spring creeks), where you can target individual fish simply because you can see them due to the clarity of the water.  The same technique can be employed on clear still waters where you can often see the fish swimming around.  Great exponents of this method, at least on rivers, were the nymph fishing masters Frank Sawyer and Oliver Kite. Click here to read more

Go Down In Size


When fishing dries to regular risers try to match the size, colour and profile of the natural as your first line of attack.


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Dry fly tactics for the Chalkstreams

This last two weeks guiding on the chalkstreams has reminded me of some of the critical factors in success catching Brown Trout on dry fly.  First, and most obviously, ‘match the hatch’.  Look at the flies coming down the stream and pick a fly from your box that is designed to imitate the naturals you can see – like an Adams to imitate a Blue Winged Olive or a Kite’s Imperial for a Medium Olive or a Tups Indispensable for a Pale Watery.  Click here to read more

May – A Black Month


May has arrived although with the weather as its been it feels more like March has just arrived.

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Looking forward to the Trout season

Its only a week since the Grayling season ended and its now just two weeks before my first day of the river Trout season.  I’m looking forward to a social day fly fishing a great beat of the lower River Test with three of my Go Fly Fishing UK guide colleagues on 4th April.  Click here to read more

Top February River Test Grayling fly

Atomic Worm

During the second half of February I guided clients Grayling fly fishing on the River Test on six days.  Mostly the fishing was good with my clients catching from 5 to 21 fish, averaging about 10.  What surprised me was the killer fly – a Fulling Mill pattern called the Atomic Worm. Click here to read more

Dave’s Grayling bug scores again


A few years ago I ‘invented’ my own version of a weighted pink Grayling bug.  It was very successful but for some reason I’d stopped using it…so many other great fly patterns in my fly boxes to choose from! Click here to read more

Planning for the chalkstream Trout season

To get the most out of your fly fishing days its important to plan to be in the right places at the right times and because of the need to book ahead this needs some thought in advance.  Click here to read more

Frenchmen on the River Itchen

I have recently had two very enjoyable days guiding five experienced French fly fishers for Grayling on the River Itchen. Click here to read more

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