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Kicking Off ?


After a prolonged and slow start to the season things are finally starting to happen. Click here to read more

Bank To Bank Bugs

Heptagenia sulphurea - Yellow May

Yesterday my colleague Dave Martin helped out on the Bradford City Angling Association fly fishing beginners day on the River Aire. Click here to read more

Yorkshire Fly Fishing Report

River Wharfe - Burnsall Near Where The Popeye Fly Incident Occurred

It’s been a difficult start to the season what with the unprecidented cold spring and strong cold north or east winds and water temperatures until recently in low single figures. Click here to read more

Paying homage to a Yorkshire legend

Amazing stonework, including Grayling, on the base of the gravestone of Francis Walbran.

Today I went to West Tanfield, next to the River Ure in Yorkshire, to pay my respects to Francis Walbran.  It was moving for me as I stood in front of his tombstone.   As you can see from my pictures it was a stonemason’s work of art and interesting to me that even in 1909 he was so highly respected that the tombstone was funded by ‘voluntary subscription’, presumably by his friends and readers of his books and articles.  Click here to read more

Walk Up The Wharfe


The 2013 trout season is three days old now and has started with possibly the worst start of the season weather conditions I have known in over 45 years of fly fishing the in the Yorkshire Dales, freezing cold, lying snow, frequent snow flurries and the rivers at summer drought low and gin clear. Basically…bleak mid winter. Click here to read more

Club feature – Ilkley Angling Association


The River Wharfe at Ilkley provides excellent fly fishing for Brown Trout and Grayling.  Ilkley Angling Association control a long stretch of the river at Ilkley and Ben Rhydding and day, week and season permits are available.  The club has not stocked the river for many years so all the fish are wild.  There is a very large population of wild Brown Trout – most are in the 4oz to 12oz size range but each season fish in the 3lb to 4lb size bracket are caught.  Click here to read more

Wharfedale Fly Fishing Day


The Appletreewick, Barden and Burnsall Angling Club are holding in conjunction with the Salmon and Trout Association a “Wharfedale Fly Fishing Day” on Sunday May 12th, 10am – 4pm, on the village green in Burnsall. Click here to read more

The Yorkshire School of Fly Fishing


Why is it I wonder that so many Yorkshire fly fishers and in particular Yorkshire Dales fly fishers have become such eminent and well known fly fishers over the last couple of hundred years and this tradition still continues to the present day?  In the interests of racial equality and political correctness we must also include the odd Lancastrian who fished/fishes the Dales rivers and streams (usually during cross border raids!) in addition to their “own” rivers such as the Hodder and Ribble. Click here to read more

Early Spring Trouting


It’s only a couple of weeks now before the brown trout season opens in the Yorkshire Dales, it will be interesting to see how the fish have fared over the winter and how the rivers have changed with the winter floods on top of the huge amount of water we had last summer and autumn. Click here to read more

10% of the Anglers Catch 90% of the Fish


That old adage holds true, 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish which has always been one of the favourite sayings of my long time friend and indeed mentor Oliver Edwards and it’s perfectly true. Click here to read more

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