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Booking Information and Booking Conditions

Booking a fly fishing lesson or guided fly fishing day with Go Fly Fishing UK is very easy. Once you are happy with your chosen fly fishing service simply phone or email us to confirm the details and we will reserve your day.

To make your booking or for further information please telephone 07899 034728 or email us at

Payment methods

Payments of balance on the fishing day must be made by £ sterling cheque or cash.


To confirm your booking you must pay a booking depost of £75 or full payment if you prefer. Short notice bookings (within a week of the fishing date) and bookings on south of England rivers during the peak Mayfly season (mid-May to mid-June) will require payment in full at the time of booking. See also 'Fishing location day permit costs' below.

Balance payments

Where only a deposit payment has been made (or a deposit plus the fishing day permit cost) then the balance of the cost must be paid on or before the fishing day. If the balance is paid on the fishing day then it must be paid directly to the fishing guide/instructor as either cash or a cheque.

Fishing dates

All dates are booked on a first come first served basis. Your date is secured in the diary of our guide/instructor by payment of a deposit (or in full) and in some cases (see below), in addition by payment of the fishing day ticket cost.

Fishing location day permit costs

Where the fishing location chosen must be pre-booked, to confirm your booking you must pay the £75 booking deposit plus 100% of the cost of the fishing day ticket. This will be advised to you at the time of booking and applies to all Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Cotswolds river locations plus a small number of other UK locations.

Environment Agency Fishing Rod Licence

The required government rod licence is not provided by Go Fly Fishing UK or our guides / instructors and is not included in the prices quoted on this website . Responsibility for obtaining this rod licence is the liability of each individual fisherman. These can be bought for a day, week or year, and must be obtained in advance either from any Post Office or from the EA website at

Booking Conditions

Payments for specific dates

Your date is confirmed once we have received your booking deposit plus any specified fishing day ticket costs. If we have not received your deposit/fishing day ticket payment within 10 days of your booking request being made we reserve the right to offer that date to other clients. The balance of the cost must be paid on or before the fishing day.

Payments for gift vouchers

The gift voucher supplied is valid once we have received either your booking deposit payment of £75 or full payment. If you initially pay just the booking deposit the balance of the cost becomes due once the date of the fishing has been booked and confirmed with the gift recipient. In this case we will re-contact you at this time to request payment of the balance. If that balance payment is not received at least one month ahead of the agreed fishing date we reserve the right to cancel the fishing day of the gift recipient.

Gift voucher Cancellations and Transfers

Once a deposit has been paid and a gift voucher has been sent out by us we do not accept gift voucher cancellations and we do not refund any monies paid. All our gift vouchers issued after 1st September 2017 are valid for use until 31st August 2018. The gift recipient must contact us by the end of July 2018 at the very latest to book their fly fishing experience. If they do not contact us by 30th July 2018 then the gift voucher is no longer valid and all monies paid by the gift provider will be forfeited. Our gift vouchers are not transferable without prior arrangement with Go Fly Fishing UK and are not to be offered for resale.


All our guides/instructors are self-employed and in many cases fly fishing guiding/ instruction is their full time profession and only source of income. Once you have paid your deposit and your booking is in their diary they can accept no other work opportunities for that date. Thus by canceling or postponing the date of your fly fishing day you are reducing their opportunity to take paid work on that day. Once you request a specific date you should be committed to that date. If you postpone your date at short notice for whatever reason you may lose all or some of your monies paid (see notice periods below). If we cancel or postpone your date you will lose no monies paid and you may either receive a full refund or carry these monies forward to a future date.

Notice periods

Peak season – 1st April to 31st October – two weeks. Low-season – 1st November to 31st March – one week. If you contact us ahead of these times to give us notice of your wish to postpone your day then your £75 booking deposit can be carried across to an alternative future date. However any fishing day ticket costs paid will be forfeited.

Poor conditions on the fishing day

Bad weather, bad water conditions or lack of fish catches are outside of the control of Go Fly Fishing UK and its guides/instructors. In the event that a day is spoilt by any factor outside of the control of Go Fly Fishing UK and its guides/instructors no refund of any monies paid will be made. Should the chosen river be high or unsafe to fish we reserve the right to substitute the river location with a suitable stillwater or alternative river location option. In matters of safety the decision of the guide/instructor is final and no refund of monies paid will be made if it is necessary to stop fishing at any stage during the day.

No shows

Our guide/instructor will wait for 60 minutes at the agreed meeting point. If you have not made contact with your guide/instructor and agreed a later meeting time and do not arrive at the agreed meeting point within 60 minutes of the agreed meeting time your day will be deemed to have been cancelled by yourself and all monies paid will be forfeited.

Length of the fishing day

In the April to October season a full day is 7 hours 30 minutes to include a 45 minute lunch break. The 7 hours 30 minutes to be taken from the agreed meeting time. During the winter season after the clocks have changed days will be shorter. Winter days will start at around 9am and end at dusk or 5pm, whichever is the sooner. Half-days are 4 hours in the April to October season and 3 hours 30 minutes in the November to March season.

To make your booking or for further information please telephone 07899 034728 or email us at

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